“This Book Reveals 28 Ways a Book Can Help You Successfully Position Yourself as an Authority, Build Your Business, & Dramatically Propel Profits in Any Business or Economic Environment on Earth!”​

Weston Lyon

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From the desk of Weston Lyon:


This is not a book about "how to write a book" or "how writing a book can help you grow your business". Nor is it a book about increasing book sales and generating passive income.
This book is not about any of the stuff you may have read in the past about becoming an author. It's much more than that!
Instead of being like every other book on the market today telling you about how you should write a book and how to sell more books, THIS book is about...

How You Can LEVERAGE the RAW POWER of a Book to Grow Every Aspect of Your Business!

In addition, this book is a comprehensive look into how a book can “work” for you, day in and day out, through the avenues of marketing, advertising, and sales. 


Do you want to position yourself as an authority in your field?


Do you want to spread your message across the country - into any niche you choose?


Do you want o leave a legacy for your family and business predecessor(s)?

That’s exactly what this book will show you. 


Inside this powerful and easy-to-read book, you’ll learn…

  • Discover how the power of the written word has changed our society, including how one book single-handedly boosted an entire industry's sales! - pg. 11

  • Why 90% of your marketing dollars are being wasted and how you can STOP the bleeding - pg. 40

  • How to use your book and online advertising to quickly grow a clean, profitable database - pg. 65

  • How to hone your message to a razor's edge to cut through the clutter & truly inspire your reader - pg. 125

  • Which marketing tactics produce the fastest results and which tactics are right for you - pg. 58

  • The most important 3-letter phrase for your marketing and how it affects your prospects buying behavior - pg. 15

  • How to quickly convert prospects into customers by creating urgency to buy now - pg. 107

  • The biggest problem all business owners face and how a book can change everything - pg. 42 

  • How to reactivate your most profitable asset with your most powerful business tool - pg. 115

  • The most common misconception about NETWORKING and why it's killing your sales - pg. 75

  • How to become famous in any niche, dominate your marketplace, and conquer your competition - pg. 22

  • How one small tweak in your marketing can potentially QUADRUPLE your leads, sales, and profits overnight - pg. 41

  • How your book can help you quickly set up profitable joint venture partnerships - pg. 83

  • The 2 most important factors you need in any sales situation to be successful AND the 3 ways to instantly become an expert and position yourself as an authority - pg. 19

  • How to passively increase profits by using your book to create new product packages - pg. 95

  • Why your book is just the beginning of your profitable, information product empire - pg. 131

  • What your competitors are doing right now and how you can easily SWOOP IN and SNATCH up their business - pg. 62 

  • A story about how to leverage a book to "frame" and "position" your products and services as the best choice in the marketplace - pg. 25

  • How to get new clients to keep appointments and stick with you for years to come - pg. 111

  • How you can combine your marketing strategies to create unstoppable momentum and boost sales dramatically - pg. 47

  • The key to opening of your prospects' wallets and quickly convert them into a happily-paying customer - pg. 44

  • How to easily boost profits with back-end profit centers, so you can OUTSPEND your competition and win the client acquisition game - pg. 99

  • How a book can help you spread your unique message & change the world - pg. 123

Yes, you're right... there are a lot of tried-and-true strategies and tactics in this book for you to use in your business.

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Weston Lyon

"In this powerful book, Weston shows you that a book is not only the best business card you can have but how a book is also the best business tool for generating referrals, converting sales, and acquiring customers, clients and patients for your company."


Ivan Misner, Ph.D.

BNI, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer



This book does not guarantee you’ll increase your sales and profits. The examples I use in the book are just that – examples. Yes, all of the examples are true, and my clients and I have experienced some really good results. However, please understand my results and my clients’ results are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them in any way (or do anything for that matter).


The average person who buys any book, course, or “how to” information gets little to no results for a variety of reason. Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business endeavors involve risk. All business endeavors require massive effort and persistent action. If you're not willing to accept those facts, please DO NOT GET THIS BOOK.


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