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“A Simple, 5-Step Formula to Help You Quickly Establish Trust, Confidence, and a Powerful, Authority Position!”​

Weston Lyon

Founder of Plug & Play Publishing

and Author of Stop Chasing Prospects

From the desk of Weston Lyon:


This book is dramatically different from any business book you’ve ever read. There’s no fluff or filler. And there’s no “theory.” 

You are getting a battle-tested, 5-step formula to position yourself as a unique, interesting authority in your field - whether you’re brand new or a seasoned veteran - so prospects ignore your competition and SEE YOU as their ONLY CHOICE.

Listen, every entrepreneur I know – big or small, new or seasoned, struggling or successful – thinks about and focuses his or her attention on one, main challenge in his or her business every single day…

Generating More Leads and Converting More Sales

So, if generating more leads and converting more sales is the main problem most business owners face today, how do we solve that problem? 

Well, most entrepreneurs’ answer is to track down more prospects and beat them into submission. 


I think you'll agree with me that while that tactic is an option… it’s an annoying and ineffective option at best. 


Instead, we need to… 

Stop Chasing Prospects!

You see, we don’t need to chase more business. 

Instead, we need to STOP CHASING PROSPECTS and get prospects to start chasing us.


And that’s exactly what my new book will show you. 


Inside this game-changing book, you’ll learn…

  • Why you don't have to be a real authority (yet) to ethically be seen as a real authority in your field. (page 9)

  • Why being the best at what you do doesn't always equate to "money in your pocket." The reason may surprise you. See page 21 for this eye-opening answer.

  • How to establish trust and confidence with your prospects without the fear of rejection or being treated like a low-level salesperson. (page 89)

  • THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! How to instantly boost your referrals with these authority-positioning tools. (page 209)

Yes, you're right... there are a lot of tried-and-true strategies and tactics in this book for you to use in your business.


But that's not all you're getting!

For a Limited Time...

When you get Stop Chasing Prospects today, I'm going to give you instant access to my 6-week training called POWERFUL AUTHORITY POSITIONING.


Here’s what you'll learn inside this training...

  • Week 1

    In Week 1, you'll learn how you can become a real authority and how you can become seen as an authority. These two topics are not the same, and I’m going to reveal the secret why so many real authorities – entrepreneurs who know their industry and topic inside and out, better than anyone else, including the competitors who are stealing their prospects – why they never have the success they want.

  • Week 2

    In Week 2, you'll learn how you can make your message relevant by getting into your prospect’s mind and looking at his or her current situations, circumstances, and mindset. The information we cover in Week 2 is fundamental and what your foundation must be built on to succeed in business or as a thought-leader.

  • Week 3

    In Week 3, you'll learn the 4 types of authorities and how you can create an authority character that instantly builds trust, confidence, and credibility with your prospects by maximizing your heroic qualities, minimizing your dark-side tendencies, and presenting your own unique philosophy.

  • Week 4

    In Week 4, you'll learn how you can become an author and start writing a book, how you can become a speaker and give create an unforgettable presentation, and how you can get into the media. Week 4 is where the rubber meets the road and where we start putting it all together!

  • Week 5

    In Week 5, you'll learn how you can leverage testimonials to further position you as an authority, how you can grow your business with client and prospect referrals, and how you can strategically get more testimonials and referrals with joint ventures and referral partners.

  • Week 6

    In Week 6, you'll learn the 5 ways people judge you before they ever hear you, how you see yourself and the pitfalls with the human psyche (so you don't self-sabotage or self-destruct), and a simple 4-step plan for moving forward after this training, so you can quickly position yourself as an authority and grow your business.

Each week's lessons are delivered to you on video and you can download the audio if you'd like.


In addition, you'll have access to the transcripts of each video as well as the 18 handouts that accompany the training.


Listen, I sell this 6-week training throughout the year for $1497. However, when you get Stop Chasing Prospects today, you can have instant access to this amazing training for FREE.


But remember, this is a limited time offer, so you must act now!

Here's What to Do Next

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PLUS: When you order directly from us, you'll receive instant access to Powerful Authority Positioning (a 6-week training valued at $1497 value).


So... are you ready to finally grow your business without wasting time and money chasing prospects and feeling the humiliation of being treated like a low-level salesperson?


It's time to stop the insanity. It's time to STOP CHASING PROSPECTS.


Get my new book today, position yourself as the authority you know you are, and grow the business of your dreams!


Weston Lyon

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"Weston Lyon's book, Stop Chasing Prospects, is an incredible blueprint to business success and celebrity status alchemy. Read this book now and get started today."

Martin J. Glennon

Speaker, Consultant, and Author of The Great Insurance Scam

"In his new book, Stop Chasing Prospects, Weston Lyon lays out a simple plan to which every entrepreneur and every speaker should follow and adhere if they want to differentiate themselves from their competition and charge what their worth."

Jeff Tobe

Professional Speaker and Author of Coloring Outside the Lines

"Weston Lyon's book, Stop Chasing Prospects, is filled with excellent advice and solid strategies for business success. If you want a successful business, you need to be seen as an expert. Weston encourages you to realize you can achieve this expert status with honesty, authenticity and perseverance. This is a must read for business owners!"

Diana Fletcher

Writer, Life Coach, Speaker, and Author of the International Bestseller, Happy on Purpose: Daily Messages of Empowerment and Joy for Women (revised and expanded edition)



This book does not guarantee you’ll increase your sales and profits. The examples I use in the book are just that – examples. Yes, all of the examples are true, and my clients and I have experienced some really good results. However, please understand my results and my clients’ results are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them in any way (or do anything for that matter).


The average person who buys any book, course, or “how to” information gets little to no results for a variety of reason. Your results will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business endeavors involve risk. All business endeavors require massive effort and persistent action. If you're not willing to accept those facts, please DO NOT GET THIS BOOK.

Still Not Convinced?

Here are 31 More Reasons to get "Stop Chasing Prospects" today!

  • An ethical, reverse-psychology tactic to making yourself real and authentic in the eyes of any prospect (even the most skeptic prospect). (page 80)

  • How to instantly cultivate a stronger bond with your prospects and dramatically increase your closing ratio. (page 82)

  • TODAY: Hands-down, the most important strategy to instantly position yourself as an authority in your field. Do not miss this! See page 95 now!

  • 15 examples of how to grab attention and "enter the conversation in your prospect's mind." (page 35)

  • How seemingly innocent choices you make can derail your authority position with prospects BEFORE you even open your mouth. (page 222)

  • How to prosper by giving a free speech (yes, it's possible - if you know how!). See page 109 for details.

  • The ONE TECHNIQUE to grab and keep your prospect's attention (without sounding cheesy, salesy, or full of hype). (page 118)

  • How to properly set up a sale without making prospects cringe or squirm in their seats (it's not what you think). (page 126)

  • 5 factors to demonstrate your authority so prospects buy from you and not your competition. (page 31)

  • 22 examples of what drives your prospects to chase what they desire (and buy from you) or cower in fear (and stop doing anything at all). (page 40)

  • The little-known strategy Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh use to attract millions of listeners (and how you can too). (see page 53)

  • The fatal difference between being a real authority and being seen as a real authority (this subtle nuance could cost you tens-of-thousands of dollars!). (see page 19)

  • What Tony Robbins and Dave Ramsey possess that your average sales person doesn't - and why they're not considered "sales people.” This strategy increased my conversion rates and revenue in less than 12 months! See page 84 for details.

  • The easiest way to make $500-$5,000 in less than one hour for sharing your expertise. (page 107)

  • What John McClain and Captain Jack Sparrow can teach you about creating an "Authority Character" that draws clients to you. It all starts on page 56.

***Please note that if you live OUTSIDE of the continental United States, you can order your book from Amazon by clicking here. We do not ship outside the continental U.S. at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • FACT: Major media stations are starving for good information - and they need YOUR help. See page 134 for details on how to get into the media and grow your business as a celebrity.

  • How my failed dating life led me to one of the most powerful tactics for getting more referrals. You gotta see page 205.

  • YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG! The least effective page on your website and how a simple tweak can increase sales before the end of the day. (page 161)

  • How to cheat the system and "manufacture" your own authority using a cost-effective, online media service. (page 139)

  • The most valuable real-estate a money-conscious entrepreneur can own (and how most experts let it go to waste). (page 159)

  • How an 18-year-old "kid" ended up on the cover of the Pittsburgh City Paper and launched his business. Hard work or luck? See page 141 and decide for yourself.

  • An honest and ethical mind hack to get your audience to instantly trust you... while simultaneously lowering their sales-shields and making them open to buying from you. Don’t think it’s possible? See page 125 to see how.

  • THIS IS HUGE! 4 solutions to help you change your mindset, so you can start seeing yourself as an authority. If you’re struggling to see yourself as an expert, then you must read page 231 now!

  • How to insulate your business from your competition and attract the best customers for you. (see page 52)

  • How changing one, simple sales dynamic can boost your profitability (WITHOUT any extra effort or time). (page 111)

  • How to get testimonials even if you’re brand new, and you don’t have any clients yet. (page 193)

  • You just need to get your message out to your ideal target audience to become a success, right? WRONG! Here’s the key to your marketing and sales message being looked at, watched, listened to, and ACTED ON! (see page 33)

  • How to reverse-engineer your success and "Authority Position" in a crowded marketplace. Don’t be fooled by how today’s experts became well-known. They used this strategy to drive their success…and so can you! (see page 65)

  • How to leverage the most under-used, sales tactic to establish your authority, reverse risk, and explode your profits today. See page 166 for details.

  • A super smart way to leverage your authority on your business cards without spending a dime. (page 169)

  • 3 types of testimonials and how you can leverage each of them to persuade prospects. (page 181)

***Please note that if you live OUTSIDE of the continental United States, you can order your book from Amazon by clicking here. We do not ship outside the continental U.S. at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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