Lauren Jefferson Interview


Weston Lyon

Founder of Plug & Play Publishing
Author of 20+ Books

Dear friend,


First, I hope you enjoyed the interview Lauren and I just recorded. Lauren is always looking to give back to her clients, contacts, and friends.


If you appreciate her energy and effort to always bring quality people and resources into your business, please consider sending her a thank you note.


Second, since you're interested in writing a book to grow your business, below you'll find a great resource called Authors Confess.


Inside, you'll discover a list of the 27 best benefits and reasons why business owners like you decide to write a book.


The goal of this report is to help you uncover your own personal reasons for writing your book.


Because here's the truth. Reasons are what drive us to take action and change our circumstances. Reasons are what provide us with passion and purpose.


And your own reasons are what will be the driving force behind your success in this endeavor.


So, as you read the confessions in this special report, notice which reasons you gravitate toward and resonate with.


Then, embrace those particular motives and let them consume you.


After all, your reasons are what will push you to write your book and grow your business.



Weston Lyon

Author of 20+ Books & Founder of Plug & Play Publishing

P.S.  If you have more questions about the book writing process or you'd like to chat about bringing your book to life, please feel free to set up a time below.


I'd love to help you write, publish, and profit with your book!

5-Star Reviews from Celebrities, Clients, and Referral Partners

5-Star Celebrity Endorsements

Meet Real Celebrities and Why They Love Weston Lyon and Plug & Play Publishing

Kevin Harrington
Original Shark from the Hit Show "Shark Tank"

James Malinchak
Featured on ABC's Hit TV Show, Secret Millionaire

5-Star Reviews from Celebrities, Clients, and Referral Partners

5-Star Client Endorsements

Meet Real Clients and Why They Love Working with Weston Lyon and Plug & Play Publishing

Sue Henry
Contributing Author of NY Times Best Seller, Master of Sales

Ashley Brinton
Author of Reach Higher

Joe Battista
Author of Pragmatic Passion

"Weston was incredibly patient with me. He helped me to understand the need for a process for writing a book. His friendly and professional demeanor made our sessions fun but very efficient and productive. We could be candid with each other and debate without being debatable. And the best part of my relationship with Weston is that we first and foremost have become great friends.


The only regret I have is that I wish I would have listened more to him in the early stages of the process, so I could have streamlined the process and published my book on our original timeline.


Now that my book is done, the best compliment I can pay Weston is that my business is thriving. I have sold more books than anticipated, picked up numerous new coaching clients, and I am getting paid speaking and workshop contracts.


Through the entire process Weston was a guide by my side and I'm truly grateful for working with him!"

Amy Camp
Author of Deciding on Trails

"I spent years thinking about writing a book, but was intimidated by both the project and the world of publishing.


When I was finally ready to move forward, I knew I would follow through but didn't know exactly how I would. It turns out that Weston was my "how."


His method made a daunting process manageable and even fun. Every step of the way, I felt supported and surrounded by a great team of professionals.


If you're looking for help writing your book and/or getting your book published, I highly recommend using Weston and his team."

Jenny Butterfield
Author of Choosing Jewelry Made Easy and Over the Rainbow Bridge

Weston is a coach who truly cares about his clients. He genuinely wants you to succeed, and so he not only helps you write your book... He helps you write the BEST book for your market, and he teaches you how to use that book as a tool to reach your audience.


If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, business coach, or public speaker who wants to make a greater impact in your market and truly help people, Weston is your go-to person.


He helped me write my book last year, and I had a great experience. He was really patient with me, and walked me through every step of the writing and publishing process. And not only was my finished book beautiful and polished and professional, but I was also really PROUD of my self and my work.


I now have a book and business tool that I am proud to give to my clients because I know my book is helping to educate them.

Dr. Dan Turo
Author of Designed to Heal

"Weston helped us publish our first book and we could not have done it without him.


We knew what we wanted to create and Weston provided the step by step process to make it a reality faster than we imagined possible.


Now we have the perfect tool to set us apart as an expert. It has directly impacted our practice in the most positive way.


If you haven't, write your book - and write it with Weston!


You will not be sorry."

Fred Liesong
Author of A Rep Agency's Road MAP to Dynamic Sales Performance and A Sales Manager's Road MAP to Dynamic Sales Performance

"It’s been several years since I (semi) retired from my consulting business, but one of the most memorable and productive events was having Weston guide my business partner and I through the process of writing two books about sales and sales management.


Weston kept us on track, helped us organize a vast amount of content and put in a lot of dedicated effort in the process including creation, editing, printing, publication, promotion, and distribution.


Was it all worth it? 100%!


The increased visibility from those publications allowed us to promote our “expertise” to our existing client base as well as prospective new clients and had a dramatic impact on our top line.


With such an impressive ROI, the answer is Yes, well worth it!"

Scott Anthony
Author of Profits in the Pie

"I have known Weston over a decade. Initially I was impressed with his entrepreneurial spirit. As I grew to know him better I saw he had a real grip on marketing and promotion.


When I felt it was time for me to write my first book I sought his guidance and he meticulously mentored me through the process. He has proven to be a good friend and an asset to my business.


Publishing my book with Plug & Play Publishing was by far one of the smartest investments I’ve ever made in myself and in my career!


Not only did I get the book I wanted in just 4 months, Plug & Play surpassed my expectations and I have now positioned myself differently than any of my competition!


Weston and team are VERY approachable and guided me every step of the way. The book looks fantastic and flows with a professional style."

Lisa Miller
Author of 47 Shade of Grey in Your Business

"Weston Lyon is an energetic, professional, and accomplished writer and publisher I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for nearly a decade.


He made the book writing and publishing process so simple and easy to digest with his thorough timelines, check ins, and guidance. 


I highly doubt I would have tackled authoring a book without his expertise!


Weston truly believes in his work and it shows how invested he is in helping others succeed. 


I would not hesitate to recommend Weston Lyon to anyone!"

Bob Gambone
Author of Pecan Pie

"I hired Weston to coach me through the process of getting my book written, edited, and published.


Weston fulfilled my expectations and continues to serve me when I need help with my book and ideas.


I would highly recommended Weston Lyon."

Laura (Crooks) Greco
Author of Wellness Made Simple

"Having worked with Weston, I can say he brought enthusiasm, focus, and his team/connections to the project!


He kept me accountable... and my book turned out beautiful!"

Eric Rodriguez
Author of R.E.T.I.R.E. on Your Terms

"Weston is very responsive and easy to work with.


He over-delivered on everything he promised.


His process for helping me publish my book was clear and well-defined.


And his professionalism and his integrity are second to none.


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Weston on my book.


If you're thinking about writing and publishing a book, there's no better partner you can collaborate with than Weston."

Marsha Friedman
Author of Surviving and Thriving Despite the Drama

"Weston is an accountability partner, coach, and cheerleader rolled into one!


He helped me move from stuck to success with a writing, editing and publishing process that was simple but effective.


I credit our weekly meetings with keeping me on track and making the writing process manageable while maintaining my busy work and volunteer commitments.


I'm thrilled with the results of our collaboration!"

Angela Pointon
Author of Stop Blending In

"When I first decided to write my next book, I knew I’d need someone to help me.


I met Weston and it became instantly clear that he was the best person for the job.


Not only does he help me stay focused on producing at least one chapter of writing a week, but he also assists with the flow of content and helps me organize my thoughts.


I’d highly recommend Weston to anyone looking to get a book finished with ease!"

Lynda Stucky
Author of Voice Branding for Executive Leaders

"Weston was my go-to person when I wrote my book, Voice Branding for Executive Leaders.


Besides being a wonderful person, it was refreshing to have Weston's clear system for this overwhelming task.


Our regular phone calls to keep me on track with my assignments and his supportive encouragement were extremely motivating and appreciated.


If you are considering working with Weston, I'd highly recommend him."

Martin J. Glennon
Author of The Great Insurance Scam

"Honestly, I thought I had nothing of value to share. But now I have a book I'm proud of and a book I know will help people. 


Weston made this so easy. He called me weekly and helped formulate my ideas into a structure for people to appreciate and relate to. He didn't rush me, but he kept me accountable. He didn't judge me, but asked my opinions and recommended certain formats. He read every word I wrote and showed interest for all the things I cared about. 


Without Weston I would have never written a book. You can not go wrong with Weston if you want to write a book! 


Was it worth it? Yes. A thousand times yes! It was worth the money I invested!"

5-Star Reviews from Celebrities, Clients, and Referral Partners

5-Star Referral Partner Endorsements

Meet Real Business Owners and Why They Love Referring Clients and Colleagues to Weston Lyon and Plug & Play Publishing

Dan Janal

"As a ghostwriter for entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants, I help people create the best possible manuscript that helps them be the expert that people get to know, like, and trust so prospects want to work with them.


The next step is to turn that manuscript into a book. I always refer my clients to Weston so his team can do the proofreading, copy editing, layout and the million other details.


All my clients I refer to Weston have been very happy with his work!"

Lauren Jefferson

"Weston is one of those people who immediately energizes you to do more and be more.


I know that when I refer one of my clients to Weston, he will take care of them well and with integrity. I'm glad to have Weston in my circle!"

Adam Petrun
Business Attorney

"Weston is an experienced and exceptional leader in the field of publishing and self-marketing.


Weston’s experience helps his clients to draw on their talents to position themselves as authorities in their field and get their message across to a wider audience.


I would highly recommend Weston for anyone looking to increase their visibility to draw more leads and business referrals."

Pete Piotrowski
Insurance Agency Owner

"Weston's knowledge and insight in business is second to none!


He is wonderful to work with, extremely knowledgeable and truly provides an amazing service!


If you are looking to truly grow your personal business brand, then I would highly recommend Weston!"

Connor Zarefoss

"Weston brings an abundance of knowledge and expertise to the table, no matter the situation.


Whether you're writing a book, publishing a book, or trying to grow your business with a book, Weston will put 100% effort into everything he does.


He is trustworthy, detail oriented, and an all around likable guy.


If you want to position yourself as an authority in your field, I would highly recommend working with Weston."

Meg Huwar
Business Consultant

"If you are considering writing a book look no further!


Weston has a proven system that simplifies the challenging task of writing a book.


He is truly the master!"

Leia Shilobod
IT Consultant

"I’ve worked with Weston for 15 years. He is relentless in the pursuit of excellence in whatever he is delivering for his clients.


His passion for helping people produce their very own book puts him in the top echelon of the industry.


Highly recommend working with Weston if you have a dream to write a book for yourself and just can’t get this project complete.


You have guaranteed success with Weston!"

Wayde Nelson
Business Advisor

"Weston has more positive energy than anyone I know. And it's infectious! Also, he has more big ideas to help you and your business than anyone I know.


Added to all that, he is an absolute expert at helping people write their thoughts in an organized manner such that before you know it, you have a book - even if you never thought you could amass enough information to put a whole book together.


Then, he will help you use that book to make your plans come true.


I'm privileged to count Weston among my close business associates and friends."

Nick Buzzelli​
Insurance Agent

"Weston has been someone to constantly go to for advice, guidance, and ideas. This is because he is fantastic at listening and thinking outside of the box.


That is why when it comes to positioning yourself as an authority figure there is no better person to talk to than Weston."

Heather Ann Havenwood​
Podcast Host

"Weston's knowledge on marketing is advanced and dead on. If you have a chance to work with Weston on any project, know that you are getting a man of integrity, knowledge and heart all in one package!"

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