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Stop Chasing Prospects

“A Simple, 5-Step Formula to Help You Quickly Establish Trust, Confidence, and a Powerful, Authority Position So Prospects Chase You!”

In this book, you'll learn...

  • The fatal difference between being a real authority and being seen as a real authority (this subtle nuance could cost you tens of thousands of dollars!)

  • How to establish trust and confidence with your prospects without the fear of rejection or being treated like a low-level salesperson

  • The secret to positioning yourself as a unique, interesting authority, so prospects ignore your competition and see you as their ONLY choice

  • How to ethically and intelligently leverage and demonstrate your authority so prospects start chasing you

  • And much, much more!

The Most Powerful Business Tool Ever to Exist

“28 Ways a Book Can Help You Successfully Position Yourself as an Authority, Build Your Business, & Dramatically Propel Profits in Any Business or Economic Environment on Earth”

In this book, you'll learn...

  • How a Book Can Alter Your Prospect's Perception and Instantly Position You as a Trusted Authority

  • How a Book Can Strategically Generate More Leads & Convert More Sales (While Branding Your Business)

  • The 7 Book Marketing Tactics to Help Expand & Explode Your Business Immediately

  • The 6 Advanced Tactics to Show You How to Catapult Profits Beyond Simply Selling More Books or Leveraging Your Book in Advertising

  • The 8 Hidden Assets a Book Brings to You and Your Business and How They Can Help Change Your Life

  • And much, much more!

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